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Silvarum, Book I: Frost

The opening adventure of an eight-book fantasy series! Abigail, Penny, Roger, Marie, and Mckenzie must reclaim the eight runestones of Nexxathia to save their reality from the Dream-King. Wow!

Realm of Silvarum

Insanely detailed realm map that I just did for Silvarum! Follow the path of all your fav characters with this handy-dandy reading companion! Poster size prints are also available at my Etsy shop!

NecronomiCon 2019

This is the official poster I did for the NecronomiCon 2019. Each print that is purchased from this site is signed and numbered. “In his house at R’lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”

Outpost 28, Issue #4

Halloween Edition! Issue #4 is the best Outpost 28 yet! Disturbingly creepy stories by Christa Carmen, Jake Bauer, and A.E. LaMalfa, as wells as goulish artwork by Gunsho, Michael Brack, and Jennifer Lesser. Happy Halloween!

A Cyclopean Journey Under an Eldritch and Gibbous Moon - Part II
Event Stuff - 8.2.19 - Dean

The time has finally arrived for me (again!) to gather my drawings and books and venture through the rolling hills of New England to the haunted corners and courtyards of Providence, Rhode Island. The 2019 NecronomiCon is upon us! I will be setting up a decrepit, web-covered vendor table to sell a collection of my disturbingly whimsical and grim illustrations. I will also be featuring many fresh copies of Silvarum, my new novel based on a bunch of annoying teenagers that slay demons and monsters and stuff. Click here to follow the journey!

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Silvarum, Book I (Deluxe)
Writing Stuff - 4.2.19 - Dean

A revised and expanded version of Silvarum, Book I: Frost is completed and ready for the presses! I've received a lot of feedback (both constructive and not so constructive) since Silvarum was first published way back in August 2017. As a result, I've taken all of those tweaks and modifications and improved the flow of the story and tidied up some other loose ends. This new version will contain all of the original twenty-two chapters PLUS an additional eleven new chapters! Not only that, but there are new illustrations like The Gate of Frozen Whispers, The City of Kadiaphonek, Moonlight Avenue, and Windowpane. Oh, but I'm not even done yet! In addition to all those mouth-waterering treats, the great Christa Carmen will be providing a foreword for Silvarum! All in all, that's about 500 pages of Silvarum content to immerse yourself in.

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Big Easy Con 2019
Event Stuff - 2.4.19 - Dean

Sweet! I've been invited to be an art vendor at another Con this summer called Big Easy Con in New Orleans. It's by the same folks who run AwesomeCon and features special guests like Brent Spiner (Star Trek Next Generation), Lennie James (Walking Dead), and Michael Biehn (The Terminator). I'm super excited for this show!

Drawing Stuff - 1.14.19 - Dean

Finally finished this ginormous ink and magic marker illustration that I've been working on for the past two months! Serranian is a massive 32" x 40" drawing of a Lovecraftian inspired city. This is the largest ink drawing I've ever completed and it's full of monsters, creepie-crawlies, and many other random weirdness. There are also a bunch of Silvarum references and Lovecraft beasties sprinkled throughout the avenues and courtyards. My plan is for this piece to be my gallery submission for this year's Ars Necronomica in Providence, RI.

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AwesomeCon 2019
Event Stuff - 1.10.19 - Dean

Awesome! I've been accepted to be one of the many art vendors at this year's AwesomeCon in my hometown of Washington, DC!

2019 Art Conventions
Event Stuff - 12.21.18 - Dean

The 2019 fantasy conventions and art events schedule is already starting to fill up fast! So far, I'll be a vendor at the ConCarolinas in May, the Edgar Allan Poe B-day bash next month, the Baltimore ComicCon in October, another book signing at Bethany Beach Books, and of course a vendor at the NecronomiCon in August. I'm hoping to attend a bunch more cons and events in 2019, so be sure to stay up to date!

WIP: "Serannian"
Drawing Stuff - 12.11.18 - Dean

My current drawing project is this massive 32" x 40" ink drawing of a Lovecraftian inspired city called Serannian. This is the largest ink drawing I've ever done and it will be full of monsters, creepie-crawlies, and many other random weirdness. There are also going to be a bunch of Silvarum references and Lovecraft beasties sprinkled throughout the avenues and courtyards. My plan is for this piece to be my gallery submission to the 2019 Ars Necronomica. This is going to be colored as well, so be sure to keep an eye on the WIP!

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A Gem Among the Runes: Author, Illustrator Dean Kuhta Talks About Silvarum
Writing Stuff - 10.4.18 - Dean

Cool! Check out this interview I did recently with the Mountain Times newspaper in Boone, North Carolina about Silvarum! This interview has some really good questions and I had a great time answering them.

"Crafting an original fantasy series is no easy feat. The competition is immense and the history an author is writing against is long, far and wide. And so, into this fray comes “Silvarum” (Elvelon Press) a planned eight-book series, coming-of-age tale from the pen and colored pencils of Dean Kuhta. An author who can ably illustrate his own work is as rare as an author capable of ably voicing his own work, but when it works, the results are fresh, full of depth and, yes, original. Kuhta, author and artist, offers a new work with such originality.

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Silvarum Book Signing at Barnes & Noble!
Writing Stuff - 9.24.18 - Dean

Woohoo! What a cool experience to participate in a book signing for Silvarum at Barnes & Noble! I was part of a panel of six local authors who got to hang out at the front of the store and talk about our books. I had the opportunity to meet a bunch of great people, especially author Pat McMann Gilchrist who wrote It's Midnight in Berlin" and Glen Thomason, author of "Run Duke, Run!" Now, as far as the progress of the second half of Silvarum, Part II: Departure, I have really been slackin' this past month. I have the first ten chapters completed and edited, but I still have ten more to go! Sadly, the release date for Part II: Departure will have to be pushed out a couple more months. I'm thinking by mid-December, just in time for Christmas, the conclusion to Book I: Frost will be nice and ready. Let's hope that Santa and his little elves can finish the writing and artwork in time!

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Silvarum Book Signing at Bethany Beach Books!
Writing Stuff - 7.28.18 - Dean

WOW! What an amazing experience I had at the Silvarum book signing this past weekend at Bethany Beach Books in Delaware! First of all, I want to thank Bethany Beach Books for providing such a great opportunity at such a wonderful bookstore. This bookstore is legit! It's a beautiful store in a beautiful beach town and there were a ton of customers. I don't think I've ever been in a bookstore with this much traffic. Anyway, the book signing was an absolute success, and the reactions and energy from the customers was amazing! I met and talked to a zillion great people. I hope they all enjoy the book!

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NecronomiCon 2019 Poster!
Art Stuff - 7.25.18 - Dean

Hey look! I took a few days off from writing part two of Silvarum to illustrate this poster for next year's NecronomiCon in Providence, RI! OMG my hand hurts from all those teeny weenie pen strokes, but I'm super satisfied with how this illustration turned out. The guidance for this design was as follows: "Hints to Providence, and perhaps portray the con as something of a pilgrimage to the weird holy land." After reading those requirements, I instantly envisioned a parade of Lovecraftian ghoulies marching up a staircase through a dark and musty forest to the eldritch streets of Providence. Duh, naturally! I can't wait for August 2019 when I get to make another Cyclopean Journey Under an Eldritch and Gibbous Moon!

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Silvarum Book Signing
at The Book Tavern!

Writing Stuff - 7.18.18 - Dean

Look at that awesome graphic that the kind folks over at The Book Tavern made for my Silvarum book signing next month! I am very impressed (which means I'm going to steal the design idea and use it all over the place!) I'll be in Augusta, Georgia next month for another Silvarum book signing!. If you're in the general vacinity, please come on by and say hello. I'll also be at Bethany Beach Books in Delaware next weekend! Then I'll be back to Winchester Books in September as well as Foggy Pine Books and Main Street Books in October! Whoah!

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Silvarum is at Barnes & Noble!
Writing Stuff - 7.6.18 - Dean

Woohoo! Silvarum is finally on the shelves at four Barnes & Noble bookstores in Richmond, Virginia! Last night, my kids and I went to the store right down the street to check and see if they had arrived. We made our way over to the Teen Fantasy section, but sadly, Silvarum was nowhere to be found. I shrugged and we each went about our way in the store. A few minutes later, I had the bright idea to ask an employee if they could lookup up when the book was actually arriving at the store. A very helpful woman typed my last name into one of their computerized contraptions and, lo and behold, the screen said that there were five copies in store! I expelled a high-pitched squeek and asked her if that meant that they're already here. "Of course, dummy," she replied and led me over to the Teen Fiction section. And there they were! Roughly a year of writing their small press department, making a zillion phone calls and emails, and setting up the relationship between my distributor and B&N, and Silvarum was now finally on their shelves. It's a really cool thing to see this book go from a story in my head, to a real book on the shelves of my local Barnes & Noble. Next goal: movie contract!

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Abigail Somberlain
Writing Stuff - 5.31.18 - Dean

Wow! My friend Jennifer Lesser has brought Abigail to life with this amazing illustration. I provided her the chapter from Silvarum called "The Lichgate" and she was able to capture Abigail's essense perfectly. The solemn expression, the pose, the delicate shading, and most importantly, Abigail's outfit. I couldn't be happier with how this collaboration turned out. In honor of Abigiail, here's a snippet from that chapter:

"Abigail Somberlain ascended from the mausoleum steps and faced a cloudless sky. The stark contrast between the crisp air and the stale tomb tormented her senses. Her skin crawled from the bite of the wind and her eyes burned under the sunlight’s unyielding embrace. She raised a thin arm in defense of its gaze. As she reached the last step, her bare feet met the crunch of snow and stone, and she halted. She slowly lowered her arm and felt the gentle kiss of tears upon her cheek. Did they fall from burning eyes, or was she shedding tears of sadness? Probably both. She rose from the darkness of her previous life and into the blinding haze of a new existence."

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Art and writing event at the Poe Museum!
Writing Stuff - 5.25.18 - Dean

What a great time we had during the UnHappy Hour at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond! Man oh man was it hot, though. After downing about 15 soda pops and 34 bottles of natural spring water, I was ready to shamelessly flaunt my books and artwork. I think it worked because I met a ton of awesome people and sold a bunch of Silvarum and Outpost 28. The excitement for Silvarum is really starting to gain momentum. Next up on the East Coast tour is Rickert & Beagle Books in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania!

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Silvarum book signing at Winchester Book Gallery!
Writing Stuff - 5.21.18 - Dean

We had a wonderful time at the Winchester Book Gallery this past weekend for the first book signing event for Silvarum! The bookstore is in a terrific location right at the end of a long stretch of the downtown marketplace in Winchester, Virginia. There are a ton of cool shops along the strip and there was even a festival going on during the book signing event. I met and talked to a bunch of great people and signed some copies of Silvarum, Book I: Frost. The overall reaction to Silvarum was very strong and it seemed to generate a positive response and energy. There was one teenage kid that was attracted to the cover illustration and wanted to buy a copy immediately. A few others bought a copy without wanting to hear my usual pitch! I have a bunch more book signings to do this year and I hope they all go as well as this past weekend. Thanks again Winchester Book Gallery!

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Mrs. Figs is the Awesome-est!
Writing Stuff - 5.9.18 - Dean

Whoa! Silvarum is at Mrs. Figs' Bookworm in Camarillo, California! I reached out to their awesome bookstore a week ago to see if they'd be interested in carring Silvarum. Connie Halpern (aka Mrs. Figs) liked it and graciously purchased a copy for the store. Today she sent me the most awesome email. She said that Tanner (I'm assuming that's her son!) was the first person to find it and bring it to the counter. "This looks awesome!!!" were his exact words. She also attached the following photos of the two of them holding Silvarum outside the bookstore. These kinds of photos are better than money for me! I'm truly grateful that my book made it all the way across the country and then came back to me in the form of these amazing photos. That's some positive energy right there, son.

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A Descent into the Maelström
Drawing Stuff - 5.7.18 - Dean

I finally drew a new picture and it turned out to be my boy Edgar! I've been writing and writing all of this year, but suddenly felt the urge to throw together this pencil portrait of one of my favorite authors, Edgar Allan Poe. I know this photograph has been drawn by others a bazillion times, but I really wanted to have this in my portfolio. Cheers!

"The rays of the moon seemed to search the very bottom of the profound gulf; but still I could make out nothing distinctly, on account of a thick mist in which everything there was enveloped, and over which there hung a magnificent rainbow, like that narrow and tottering bridge which Mussulmen say is the only pathway between Time and Eternity. This mist, or spray, was no doubt occasioned by the clashing of the great walls of the funnel, as they all met together at the bottom -- but the yell that went up to the Heavens from out of that mist, I dare not attempt to describe."

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Silvarum is at Main Street Books!
Writing Stuff - 4.26.18 - Dean

Awesome! Silvarum has been picked up by Main Street Books in Davidson, North Carolina! What a beautiful bookstore. I love the types of indie bookstores that have the large glass windows (full of books!) and the colorful, ornate front doors. I'm also a nerd for the chalkboards out front with witty slogans or book jokes! I would walk into this bookstore in a heartbeat and buy a zillion books. Now one of those books happens to be my little creation called Silvarum! :D

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UnHappy Hour at the Poe Museum!
Event Stuff - 4.19.18 - Dean

Sweet! Come get miserable at the Unhappy Hour at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum on May 24th! Yours truly will be a vendor at this prestegious event from 6PM-9PM, selling all kinds of horrid artwork and books such as your favorite young-adult, dark-fantasy book Silvarum, the zombie-infested, ghost riddled magazine Outpost 28, and stacks and stacks of somber art prints. How fun! In addition to my ugly mug, there will be live music, yummy food, tasty drinks, weird people, and Poe-inspired activities. Oh, and I'm sure Pluto and Edgar will be wandering around the Enchanted Garden during the festivities. Now, time for some Poe: "That I now saw aright I could not and would not doubt; for the first flashing of the candles upon that canvass had seemed to dissipate the dreamy stupor which was stealing over my senses, and to startle me at once into waking life." --The Oval Portrait, 1842.

Silvarum is at Watermark Books in Wichita, KS!
Writing Stuff - 4.18.18 - Dean

Awesome! Silvarum, Book I: Frost has been picked up by the super-cool, indie bookstore Watermark Books in Wichita, Kansas! I'm extremely excited to have my book on their shelves and begin to expand out to more independent bookstores in the mid-west. Check out Watermark's website and grab some of their swag! In addition to ramblin' its way out into the mid-west, Silvarum has also recently been picked up by Reader's Guide Bookstore in Salem, Oregon. That's a total of nine US states so far! Be sure to get out there and support your local, independent bookstores. Peace out!

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Outpost 28 scores 5/5 from Sci-Fi & Scary Review!
Writing Stuff - 4.16.18 - Dean

Cool! I recently shipped a review copy of Outpost 28, Issue #2 to a website called Sci-Fi & Scary Review to try and create some buzz for the project again. It's been dormant for like five years! Anyway, I cracked open my twitter this morning (I hardly use you care). SO ANYWAY, I noticed that the aforementioned site had recently posted a review for issue #2. To my pleasant surprise, the mag had received a 5/5 review score. Well that's fabulous news! The review itself is very well written and honest. There are some aspects of Outpost 28 that they liked and some no so much. As with all constructive feedback, I'll use their observations to tweak and improve the magazine going forward with the upcoming issue #3. Thanks Sci-Fi & Scary Review for the review!

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Silvarum is at Barnes & Noble! What?!
Writing Stuff - 4.7.18 - Dean

BOOM! Silvarum, the book series that I created, wrote, and illustrated, has officially been picked up by Barnes & Noble to be sold in their stores. I shipped a review copy to their small press department last summer, and just today received an acceptance letter and an initial order for 20 copies! How trippy it is going to be to see my book on their shelves. My kids and I hang out in our local Barnes & Noble (there are zero indie bookstores near my house) frequently. I can't wait to stroll through the YA section and point at my book. LOL.

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Silvarum is at Bethany Beach Books!
Writing Stuff - 4.3.18 - Dean

Yay! I'm very happy to report that Silvarum, Book I: Frost has been accepted into the Independent Author Program by Bethany Beach Books in Delaware. What a beautiful and amazing place this indie bookstore is! Literally right on the beach, it has been in business for over 25 years and features 2000 square feet of book space. They also provide a really cool service called The Book Drop. When you sign up, you will receive paperbacks in categories such as Books for Tea, Books for Coffee, Books for Young Adults (Silvarum, anyone?!), and Books for Middle Grade. I am truly honored to have my book available within its shelves!

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Silvarum is in NYC, Pittsburgh, and Georgia!
Writing Stuff - 3.30.18 - Dean

Wow! Silvarum has graciously been picked up by six more independent bookstores in NYC, Pittsburgh, Georgia, Maryland, and Virginia. It's also currently being reviewed by eight other indie bookstores in Washington DC, North Carolina, Augusta, and Nashville. If all those work out, Silvarum with be available through 14 indie bookstores. Furthermore, I've been asked to do two more book signings! It is truly an honor to have the opportunity to share Silvarum through awesome, indie bookstores around the country. Please support your local independent bookstores!

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Silvarum is at Winchester Book Gallery!
Writing Stuff - 3.22.18 - Dean

Woohoo! I'm very happy to report that Silvarum, Book I: Frost has been accepted by Winchester Book Gallery and will soon be available for purchase at their indie bookstore in Winchester, VA. Not only that, but I have also just scheduled an in-store book signing for Silvarum on May 19th! I've done a gazillion art booths and gallery shows over the past 8 years, but this will be my very first book signing! If you're in the general vicinity on May 19th, stop by with your copy of Silvarum and say hi! Oh, you don't have a copy yet, you say? Check this page out, friend, and get yourself squared away. :)

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Edgar and I are BFFs again!
Event Stuff - 3.9.18 - Dean

Back in 2016 I had some artwork and a bunch of copies of Outpost 28 for sale at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, VA. For whatever reason, that relationship fizzled over that past year or so. I attempted to reconnect with the museum again today, and lo and behold, they would like to purchase six prints of the beauty you see to your right. The Gate of Frozen Whispers is an ink illustration that I completed last year for my fantasy series Silvarum. It's inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe shrine at the museum's enchanged garden. I'm very happy to be a part of the museum again! *fist pump*

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Silvarum's on award tour!
Writing Stuff - 3.6.18 - Dean

Goin each and every place with the mic in its hand... Wow! Take a gander over here at what Erin from @angelerinsbookobsession did with a fresh copy of Silvarum that I sent her! Her book photography style is amazing, and I think she captured the mood of Silvarum very well here. Also, Silvarum found its way all the way over to Tunisia! Thanks to Eslem for posting a pic of his signed copy! In addition, I recently mailed copies to folks in the Netherlands, Indonesia, and a bunch of places in the US of A. The book is continuing to get solid reviews and feedback. Unfortunately, this is the hardest part of the process, in my opinion. Getting the word out effectively and finding good distribution channels has always proven to be the most difficult phase for me. You just have to keep at it, as they say, and cover a little bit of new ground each day. That's the idea anyway, I think.

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Outpost 28, Issue #3. Make it so!
Writing Stuff - 3.4.18 - Dean

Um, what?! As if delivering Outpost 28, Issue #2 ahead of schedule and with amazing quality wasn't good enough, I'm currently having a series of mini-strokes over the following news for Outpost 28, Issue #3. First off, my friend Jennifer Lesser will be creating a custom illustration of Abigail Somberlain, one of the main characters from my Silvarum series. Second of all, the great David Bonneywell has agreed to do a new zombie illustration for the cover of Issue #3! Finally, Andy Marshall, frontman of the Scottish metal band Saor, has agreed to do an interview for Issue #3. Woah! I discovered Saor a few years ago and instantly fell in love with the mood and atmosphere of the music. Issue #3 is so going to kick ass! Stay tuned!

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Silvarum is at Curious Iguana Books!
Writing Stuff - 2.20.18 - Dean

I'm very happy to report that Silvarum, Book I: Frost has been accepted by Curious Iguana Books and is now available for purchase at their indie bookstore in Frederick, Maryland. I am extremely proud to be a part of the independent booksellers' movement as well as giving back to the local community and to those in need. The mission for Silvarum (and Outpost 28) is to only be sold through this website and small, independently run bookstores. Supporting the small shops that provide a welcoming atmosphere for booklovers, in real life, is more important to me than 'exposure' and accessibility through the online monoliths. Support your local bookstores!

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Silvarum, Book I: Frost
Writing Stuff - 2.12.18 - Dean

Silvarum, Book I: Frost is continuing to slowly gain more exposure throughout the universe and receive a few more reviews. I'm currently multitasking the continuation of Part II of Book I, with the ongoing development of Outpost 28, Issue #2. Nevertheless, I've been able to complete chapters 23 and 24, having just had chapter 23 fully edited. In my opinion, it's a pretty awesome chapter, full of wicked humor and descriptive gore. The villionous mini-boss, Count Zaran, is finally introduced and let me be the first to tell you, this dude is seriously fucked up. He will serve as a worthy bad-guy, aside from Book One's ultimate boss, the dragon, Lord Mortis. Chapter 24, Fireflies on the Road, returnes us to the company of Roger, Mckenzie, Marie, Frederick, Arina, Merkresh, and of course, Click as they begin their journey through the Blackwood Forest. Keep up with the progress of the second half of Book I: Frost by clicking here.

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The Gate of Frozen Whispers
Drawing Stuff - 1.21.18 - Dean

I finished this son-of-a-gun a few months ago after I returned from the NecronomiCon in Providence, RI. It will be a new illustration added to the deluxe edition of Silvarum, that will be published (hopefully) around October 2018. I'm still working out where this scene will play out in the story, but I'm pretty sure that this will be when Benjamin Woods crosses over into the Tombworld after he and Gothkar make their escape from Kadiaphonek. His homie Gothkar will have his own zany task to complete. Not to worry! The gate itself is inspired by the real-life courtyard shrine at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, VA that I did a show at in 2017. Keep up with the progress of the second half of Book I: Frost by clicking here.

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A Passage From Chapter XXV: Moonchild
Writing Stuff - 1.4.18 - Dean

    "She turned her attention back to the grassy riverbank and saw her friends smiling at her. At the same time, she could also discern the forest behind, and the blue sky above. How was this possible? She could see everything at once, yet still retain focus on a singular point. Not only that, but she suddenly realized that visible light was not the only range she was able to perceive within the electromagnetic spectrum. Ultraviolet, radio waves, infrared, and X-rays danced around her in a ballet of color and structure. Free from the confines of her human brain, she could easily process all the information. It flowed naturally for her, like a tributary of data and light." --Silvarum, Book I: Frost

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Wrapping Up 2017 Strong!
Writing Stuff - 12.31.17 - Dean

In comparison to this time last year (see way down below), many cool projects have been completed and many are currently in development. The first part of Silvarum, Book I: Frost was finished and published. It was also debuted at the 2017 NecronomiCon and is currently finding its way onto the shelves of multiple bookstores on the East Coast. Writing for Part II: Departure is in full swing! In addition, Issue #2 for Outpost 28 has been resurrected and is composed of many amazing artists, writers, and musicians. I'm really looking forward to merging all their incredible work into a quality publication. As a result, I predict 2018 will be an amazing year for Silvarum and Outpost 28!

As Cold as Her Whisper
Writing Stuff - 12.23.17 - Dean

For one of the dark tales in Outpost 28, Issue #2, I will be writing about a girl named Abigail Somberlain. She is one of the main characters from my fantasy series Silvarum. The story called "Windowpane" will take place within the solitary confines of Abigail's San Francisco home, tucked away betwixt the rolling fog and eucalyptus trees. The cover of issue #2 is an illustration of her unfortunate situation. Since the second part of Silvarum, Book I: Frost, Departure, will not be released until fall 2018, this should serve as a small progression to Abigail's back story and character development.

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The Stars and Galaxies are in Alignment
Writing Stuff - 12.21.17 - Dean

It's been a few dreary years, but Outpost 28 is currently clawing its way from a dark and deep slumber to be resurrected once again! Back with a disturbing vengeance, this second issue will feature soul-swallowing horror, phantasmic darkness, and a suitable dose of brain-munching zombies. The illustrations lurking within these ancient pages are even more sinister and foul. The artistic talent will be dripping from each page.

Issue #2 features grim tales by Ayesha Ahmad, Christa Carmen, Rachael Alexandra, Dean Kuhta, and Victor Johnston as well as artwork by professional artists like Andy Fairhurst, Michael Brack, Socar Myles, and Brett Gray. Ayesha's zombie tale, "The After," will continue from where we left off in issue #1. A new piece, "Windowpane," by Dean, will feature a ghostly back-story of Abigail Somberlain from the Silvarum series. In addition, there will be a follow-up interview with Jason Walton from Khorada and Agalloch and Tim Cretella from Doppio Music. A couple other surprises may be included in this issue if the stars are aligned just right. Reserve your copy of issue #2 today to enjoy the many curious worlds of Outpost 28!

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Silvarum Is Gaining Traction!
Writing Stuff - 12.16.17 - Dean

This is a new photo of Silvarum standing proudly within the racks of The Green Hand bookstore in Portland. Notice how shiny and glamorous Silvarum looks next to the likes of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and atop a colorful row of Philip K. Dick's novels. That crazy dude is one of my all time favorite authors.

Well, I need to fill the rest of this empty space with text, so I guess I'll leave a cool quote: “So books are real to me, too; they link me not just with other minds but with the vision of other minds, what those minds understand and see. I see their worlds as well as I see my own.” ― Philip K. Dick, The Transmigration of Timothy Archer

The Stars Guide the Path, Part II
Drawing Stuff - 12.14.17 - Dean

Here's a detailed map that I recently completed for the Silvarum series. Many of your favorite haunts and hangouts are now easily located thanks to this handy-dandy document. Looking for a quick cup of coffee and a snack? Head on over to The Dharma Tearoom (8). Or can't decide where to take your lovely date on a Friday night? How about a quaint stroll along the rancid shores of the River Walk (11)? Have fun!

Illustrated by the esteemed cartographer and engineer, S. Quinthorpe, this map of the city of Kadiaphonek features all of the main districts, pyramids, and many other attractions. During Ben and Gothkar's escape from the heart of the city (in chapter XXV), they must navigate through the series of small pyramids. Their adventure is literally mapped out within this drawing.

It will be available in poster form very soon!

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Keeping Up with the Kadiaphonekians
Writing Stuff - 12.5.17 - Dean

For those brave souls that have already read the first part of Silvarum, and are painfully awaiting for their next fix of delightful characters such as Merkresh, Roger, Abigail, and Click, I have recorded a document that may tide you over until that time comes. This section contains a running status of the second half of the chapters of Book I: Frost. Check it out often to see which new chapters are completed. I'll probably add chapter snippets when I get around to it! I'm hoping to have the full volume completed by fall 2018.

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Dead Reckonings, No. 22
Writing Stuff - 11.5.17 - Dean

I recently wrote a piece for Dead Reckonings, a journal by Hippocampus Press, entitled "The Art of NecronomiCon." It's a reflection of my experience as a gallery artist and vendor during the 2017 NecronomiCon in Providence, Rhode Island. My copy is in the mail and I'll post some interior shots of the book soon!

Silvarum Receives A Friendly Nod From Green Hand Books!
Writing Stuff - 10.29.17 - Dean

My friend Michelle over at Green Hand Books in Portland has graced her blog with the images of my new book Silvarum. It's so cool to see it in a stack of Lovecraftian styled books. Michelle and I got to chat a few times during this year's NecronomiCon, and these are some of the books she picked up. Be sure to check out her site and read the blog!

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A Cyclopean Journey Under an Eldritch and Gibbous Moon
Event Stuff - 8.14.17 - Dean

The time has finally arrived for me to gather my drawings and books and venture through the rolling hills of New England to the haunted corners and courtyards of Providence, Rhode Island. The 2017 NecronomiCon is upon us! I will be setting up a decrepit, web-covered vendor table to sell a collection of my disturbingly whimsical and grim illustrations. I will also be featuring many fresh copies of Silvarum, my new novel based on a bunch of annoying teenagers that slay demons and monsters and stuff. Click here to follow the journey!

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Enveloped in the Cloak of Midnight
Writing Stuff - 7.13.17 - Dean

Behold! Three years of sweat and tears have magically turned into a real life book. Silvarum has finally arrived and I couldn't be happier with this version's look and feel and overall construction. The quality of the book is top notch! The paperback cover has a matte finish with a slight texture and the pages have a 60lb weight with an oyster tone. The quality of the interior illustrations turned out fantastic. There are fifteen full page illustrations plus the twenty-two smaller illustrations for each chapter heading. I mentioned in a previous update that I was going to have the cover title printed in a silver foil. I decided to hold off on that fanciness until the second batch. Those should be available next month. So, friends, please order a copy of Silvarum, Book I: Frost today and check it out! It has a little bit of everything in there. Fantasy, action, magic, tons of sarcasm, horror, and a cool dude called Gothkar. Now, back to writing Part II!

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She Was Swathed In Providence
Art Stuff - 7.10.17 - Dean

Your favorite creepy lady will be on display as part of the 2017 Ars Necronomica exhibition from August 16-31 at the Woods-Gerry Gallery at the RISD. This is an ink drawing that I did in 2006 as a collaboration with my friend Ben Jungbluth. I get asked all the time what this drawing is supposed to mean. Who knows!? Like any piece of good artwork, the meaning is what you make it. Over the years I have seen all kinds of reactions to this specific drawing. Sadness, amazement toward the drawing style, and even disgust. In my opinion, that is the purpose of art. To evoke an emotion that is relative to your own experience. Also, please do not ask me what that thing is coming out of the water. I don't know!

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"She Was Swathed In Sorrow"

Kadiaphonek Coffee Shop
Writing Stuff - 7.7.17 - Dean

Silvarum, Book I: Frost is done! Well, the first part, Part I: The Woods, is complete. I decided to split the two parts of Book I into separate books. My plan is to combine them into one book (600+ pages) once I have Part II: Departure completed (in about a year or so). Sorry, it takes me forever to write and draw stuff. Anyway, the first part of Book I is at the printers right now and should be available for purchase in about a week. Part I is 300 pages long, has twenty-two chapters, illustrated maps of the region/world, and seven illustrated notebook pages and artifacts recovered from the streets of Nexxathia. "That crap is happening all over again whether you care or not. So, you had better start paying attention. And if we do not handle it like we did before, then all of this is finished. This great coffee, your new studio, even Kad itself. They are coming." -Benjamin Woods

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The Stars Guide the Path
Writing Stuff - 5.19.17 - Dean

Wew! Writing, illustrating, and designing a book series all by yourself takes a long time (this project started in 2014). I have a few updates on the status of Silvarum. First off, the first book, Silvarum, Book I: Frost, Part I: The Woods, is still on schedule to be published and available by August. Probably sooner since I'm finishing up the last bit of editing now and only have a couple maps and chapter illustrations to complete. The cover design is done. Click here to get a good view of the front and back cover. One cool feature for the front cover is that I'm going to have the title in a stamped silver foil. Much more to come!

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Under Raven and Forest
Events Stuff - 3.1.17 - Dean

Hell yea! I've been invited to be one of the vendors at this year's NecronomiCon Providence 2017 that runs from August 17-20! I'm now doing shows and selling my work with the official organizations of my two favorite authors of all time: H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. This means that for the NecronomiCon in August, I'll be making the eldritch and cyclopean journey under a gibbous moon up to Providence, Rhode Island to display my work and take part in the weirdest collection of Lovecraft freaks in the country. In 2013 I was also a participant with the NecronomiCon, but was unable to attend in person. This year, however, I'm all in. In addition to hustling an irrational amount of original artwork and large prints, I'm also planning for this event to be the first time I show off my current book project. Silvarum, Book I: Frost is 50% complete (around 500 pages when done), but I'm confident that I'll have it wrapped up and published by the show. I can't think of a better place to unveil it than at the official H.P. Lovecraft convention. Loathsomeness waits and dreams in the deep, and decay spreads over the tottering cities of men. A time will come—but I must not and cannot think! Let me pray that, if I do not survive this manuscript, my executors may put caution before audacity and see that it meets no other eye.

Pluto and Edgar are Cool Catz
Events Stuff - 1.21.17 - Dean

Wow! What a fun time I had at Poe's 208th Birthday Bash today at the Edgar Allan Poe museum in Richmond, Va! I met a ton of people and made some new friends and had a super cool time celebrating Poe's birthday and talking about art all day. The weather was overcast and foggy and grey and miserable. PERFECT! It set the optimal mood and atmosphere for the celebration of America's most macabre and dark writer. Even though there was a little mist now and then throughout the day, it wasn't a big deal and I occasionally had to wipe off the build up on my prints and books. Easy! My little table and display were featured in the brick and ivy courtyard of the museum. A couple of the museum's black cats, Pluto and (I forget the name of the other one. Edit 7/18/17: His name is Edgar! Duh.), roamed around the grounds and now and then stopped by to say hello. Check out the photo on the right of Pluto expressing his admiration for my cross-hatching and shading skills. That black cat really knows what the hell he's talking about! Happy 208th Birthday Edgar!!!

The Tell-Tale B-Day
Events Stuff - 1.12.17 - Dean

Woohoo! I've been invited to be one of a handful of local artists to display and sell artwork at this year's Poe Birthday Bash at the Poe museum in Richmond, Va! This will be my first time attending the birthday bash and this looks awesome. Live music, a reading of The Pit and the Pendulum, a screening of Poe movies, and birthday cake! It's been a while since my last show, so I gotta get crackin' and make some prints and stuff!

The Year of the Art-tastic
Art Stuff - 1.2.17 - Dean

Whaaaaaaaa?! The second day of 2017 and I've completed another character portrait for Silvarum. I hereby declare 2017 the year of the art. OK, that sounds stupid. Uhhh, say hello to Marie Woods. She's one of Roger's sisters and she's fifteen years old. She doesn't have a cool looking mask like her younger brother, but she does have some pretty rad magical abilities. What are they, you ask? Book. Patience. It's coming. In the meantime, I'm going to try and complete her older sister's portrait tonight. *grabs pencil*

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Steam and Brass
Art Stuff - 1.1.17 - Dean

Holy sh*t! I actually started and completed a drawing on the first day of the year. Yesterday I said I wanted 2017 to be artastic and I guess I really meant it. Anyway, this is the first of many character portraits to come for my overly epic story idea called Silvarum. Say hello to Roger Woods, one of the main protagonists. *wave* He's a fourteen year old boy and right now he's featuring his demon-alien-slaying mask. It has all kinds of cool features and gadgets, but you'll just have to wait and read the book to find out what they do, now won't you? hmmph.

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The Pit and the Museumulum
Art Stuff - 12.31.16 - Dean

The last day of 2016 and I finally got around to finishing the first illustration for the Bates Map project for the Edgar Allan Poe museum in Richmond. Dude, I have been slacking this year in the art department! Let's make 2017 artastic (that was lame, I know). In full disclosure, I positioned a couple of the buildings in the wrong direction, but this piece was mainly to achieve a specific style. I'll get them right in the next drawing I swear!

Bates Map Illustration
Writing Stuff - 9.10.16 - Dean

OK here is cool project number one for the Poe museum. I'm going to begin an illustration for a giant map of Richmond from 1835. The map I'm going to be using as a reference is the Bates map that was published in 1835. On the right is a photo of the 3-D model of Richmond from that time. My task is to combine both versions into an insanely detailed, ink illustration. Follow the progress here!

The Lady Madeline of Usher
Writing Stuff - 8.14.16 - Dean

I am stoked to report that I will be working on two commissioned projects for the Edgar Allan Poe museum in downtown Richmod, Va. I will be doing three illustrations to start with. The first is an illustrated map of downtown Richmond as it was during 1835. Next will be two ink illustrations for a couple of Poe's stories. I'll be posting sketches and finished pieces here, so stay tuned friends. "I must perish in this deplorable folly. Thus, thus, and not otherwise, shall I be lost." design and all content is © 2015-2019 by Dean Kuhta.